Tuesday, July 10, 2012

first timer- - - ginger vs. ginger

Going to do a quick intro before I write about my random thought/occurrence of my day:

After seeing a few of my friends' blogs, I created one to keep up with theirs (thanks to all my exemplars out there). I have wanted to actually USE my blog for posts the past couple of months, and now I have time to get the ball rolling before I start school in September. I plan on writing about whatever. Maybe something I stumbled upon, maybe something I enjoy doing or making and want others to try, maybe something nerdy like something I learn in school (or Stephen learns) or maybe even nerdier like Harry Potter, hehe.

Ok, I have REALLY been a stay-at-home wifey for two days now. Firstly, let me tell you I have never NOT worked. This whole no job thing is totally new to me, and it isn't necessarily what I wanted or expected. Got married in May, and I quit my optometry technician job (that I had been at for 6 years almost) about a week before the wedding. I had applied for a work study job at SCO thinking I could do that once it began July 1 and stop once school was in session. Well there wasn't an open position for me, and I didn't want to start working somewhere and have to quit in two months. SO------here I am, chilling at home alone. Stephen started his second year of dental school last Thursday, but we were about to move so I was plenty busy. Yesterday, I had more stuff with the apartment to settle, but today was day one of having nothing on my agenda. Who knows how these next two-ish months are going to be. Hopefully, I won't waste away to nothing! That is what this blog is for, right?

GINGER VS. GINGER: I put a crock pot recipe on this morning for dinner (so easy- love the crock pot- it WILL be our best friend while in school), and this afternoon I planned on making ginger squash as our side. I love squash + I love ginger dressing so why not combine the two. My sister gave/invented (??) a quick "recipe". Super simple & so delish. You only need two (four if you could salt & pepper) ingredients:
  1. yellow squash (2-3 medium sized ones will easily feed 2 adults)
  2. ginger dressing ****
All you do is clean & cut the squash into 1/2 inch slices. Put in a dish (I use glass casserole dish). Add a little s&p. Pour on the ginger dressing (not sparely), cover with aluminum foil, and bake for 25 minutes on 400 degrees. 

****I am obsessed with ginger dressing. My favorite sushi restaurant in Memphis is SPR, and they have the best ginger salad. Once I had that, I wanted ginger all the time. Then my sister told me this recipe. I have always bought the Naturally Fresh brand to use, but for some reason at the grocery this time I wanted to test something out. You know that saying, "why fix it if it ain't broken," well I should have reminded myself of that. I bought Simply Dressing brand of ginger dressing this time. It was good, don't get me wrong, but wasn't the taste I wanted with my squash get-up. So moral of this post is: try this squash side, but go with the Naturally Fresh brand! Promise it will please!

(winner- - - ding, ding ding!!)


Until next time.

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  1. Ahhhh, love it, Megan!! Can't wait to read more posts. :)

    OH, and I totally get you with the ginger dressing..dude, two ginger dressings are not always the same! If I'm not at SPR, I look like such a snob to "sample" their ginger dressing. Sometimes it's perfect...others it's too sweet and that is no good for me. ha