Wednesday, July 18, 2012

just a little something-something....

OK- I know I JUST blogged, but I gotta show y'all something: MY AWESOME HERB MILL.
I know, you are like a WHAT?? A HERB MILL!!!
see- - - - 
I actually got this little baby at my first wedding shower from one of my sorority sisters. It is Martha Stewart & can be found I know at Macy's. I registered for it mainly bc it was SO cute. WELL, come to find out, I USE IT!!! We have been in our apartment for almost 2 weeks now, and I have used it twice!

One of my recipes I am making this week requires fresh cilantro all cut up. So I bought the cilantro last week, and within a week I have made two Mexican dishes {tacos, and skinny enchiladas}. Both wonderful topped with cilantro. 

This little gadget is so easy to use & clean (and just $19!). It comes apart right under the handle. Put the herb of your choice in there, and turn it like a door knob. Ew wee, you can smell the herb the second you make your first turn. So delish! 

Anywhoooooo, just thought I would share! Now off to read a little bit of Job. (Stephen went to his first Bible study meeting of the new semester, and they had a little quiz. He was reviewing out loud the 5 poetic chapters of the Old Testament. Four I guessed, Job I didn't. Then I realized, I have never read JOB on my own. So here we go....)

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